After trying a handful of promising computer service companies that let me down, I basically threw my hands in the air in defeat. No one with any computer knowledge knew how to help me the way I wanted to be helped. (avoid rent-a-geek types. they're a joke. an expensive joke) My computer was the object needing repair, but I was the owner needing comforting and reassuring. This was just all too difficult to understand, I guess. But then I enlisted the service of PG Computing, which turned out to be exactly what I was looking for. While my computer was being rebuilt, I was not made to feel forgotten. Brian asked me about my computer needs and problems. He then proceeded to inform me about operator care, which I really appreciated. And the whole experience was affordable. I didn't feel robbed. As a matter of fact, I found my new service provider -- one with someone I know I can trust and that I like. Thanks, Brian. Thanks for being there and for recognizing what other computer service companies have not yet discovered -- that I'm not a computer.


Dan Linihan, Controller

Ben & Jerry's, Inc.


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